Elections Alpe Adria International Weightlifting Tournament 2024 | 2030

At the Electoral Congress held in Zalaeszerceg (HUN) on Friday 23rd June 2023 during the 57th edition of the International Weightlifting Tournament, Ernesto Zanetti was re-elected President for the 2024-2030 seven-year cycle of the Alpe Adria International Weightlifting Tournament, the older international weightlifting event both for the IWF and EWF calendar.

In the photo: Ernesto Zanetti (ITA) between Vice President Damjan Ćanžek (SLO) (left) and Secretary General Jože Zaluberšek (SLO) (right).

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20th Alpe Adria International Master Weightlifting Tournament

The 20th Alpe Adria International Master Weightlifting Tournament was held in the charming town of Zalaeszerceg, Hungary, on Saturday 22nd October 2022.

At the opening ceremony, the President Ernesto Zanetti handed over to some authorities of Zala and to some members of the organizing staff the “Certificate of Merit” prepared for the Jubilee of the event.

“I am happy – said the President – that we can finally find ourselves all together and I am really very happy to verify that the Corona Virus has not damaged any member of the Alpe Adria Family.

On the other hand, I am very worried because the health emergency is not over yet and another one is already looming, the economic one, which is ferociously biting all European nations. We must all be ready to help the organizers for the best outcome of the competition and we hope that the authorities can support them also for next year”.

The match suffered from the absence of the teams from Bosnia Hercegovina, Croatia and Slovenia but, despite this, the participation was very consistent.

28 athletes, including 4 women, divided into two competition groups of 14 athletes each, belonging to the representatives of the Niederösterreich (AUT) of Friuli Venezia Giulia and Veneto (ITA) and of the local Zalaeszerceg (HUN) fought each other, giving life to a wonderful very pleasant and friendly atmosphere, on the platform of the Palasport of Zala.

Once again, the Veneto won with 21 points, but this time it had to sweat a lot, pursued by a very combative Friuli who finished with the same score (21) but second place for the number of participants. In third place, with 11 points, the representative of the Niederösterreich who exhibited the oldest athlete of the event (the eighty-seven-year-old Kurt Bohatschek) and last the hosts Team of Zala led by the indomitable Peter Papp, outsider of Class “B”.

Veneto doubled for the two cups of “Best Athlete of the Event” made available by the Honorary President of Alpe Adria Marcello Zoratti, assigned to Maria Vittoria Sportelli for women (217.60 points) and to the “stainless” Franco Omaggio for man (392.50 points).

The appointment is once again in Zala for Saturday 3 June 2023 for the 57th edition of the tournament. It will be the final edition of the 7-year cycle that began in 2015 in Udine and which, due to the 2-year of “stop” imposed by the Corona Virus epidemic, will end in 2023.









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20° Alpe Adria Master Weightlifting Tournament

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56th Edition of Alpe Adria | Ljubljana open Tournament

The 56th Alpe Adria International Weightlifting Tournament, the oldest international event on the IWF and EWF calendar, was held in Ljunbljana (SLO) on 17th of September, 2022.

After the happy intuition of the President of the Slovenian Federation Damjan Ćanžek, the event was organized at the same time as the “Ljublana Open Tournament”, reserved for the youth athletes (Under 17 and Junior) of some European nations.

Athletes from Alpe Adria was entitled to compete with those from France, Malta and Belgium.

In total there were 48 athletes (30 males and 18 females).

“I am very happy to restart the activities in the presence after the forced and painful stop imposed for two years by the pandemic” – declared the President of Alpe Adria Ernesto Zanetti at the opening ceremony – “and I am also pleased to note that the Corona Virus did not damage any member of the large Alpe Adria family. I am also very much in favour of the idea that athletes from other European nations can also participate in the Adria competitions, which brings together regions and nations of three different cultures, Latin, Slavic and German, sharing similar traditions.”

The competition was masterfully organized into four groups, the Under 17, Under 20 and Senior Men’s classes, and the Women’s classes, also divided but which competed in a single group of 18 athletes.

The Alpe Adria competition was dominated by the Friuli Venezia Giulia representative, led by Mattia Longhin, winner of the Under 17 class, by Simone Val, winner in Junior and by Cristiano Ficco winner in Senior. The ranking sees Friuli Venezia Giulia in first place with 1,312 points, followed by Veneto with 1,140 and the Austrian region of Niederösterreich with 1,134, the latter set in the Women’s class with the strong Sara Fischer.

The overall ranking of the 7 years of the Alpe Adria Tournament (forced to be extended to 9 due to the stop fo the epidemic) sees Friuli Venezia Giulia at the top of the provisional ranking, after 6 editions, with 6,863 points, followed by Veneto with 6,464, at the third place was Niederösterreich with 6,230, followed by Slovenia with 6,037, Croatia with 5,552, Bosnia Hercegovina with 5,409 and the Hungarian region of Zala with 5,409.

The final of the multi-year cycle that will definitively award the Super-trophy will take place in Zala (HUN) on 3 June 2023.

The contemporary Ljubljana Open Tournament was leaded by the large French representative with 1,071 points, followed by Belgium with 680 and by the Italian representative who, surprisingly, managed to get on the podium despite participating with only 2 athletes.


17.09.2022 | Ljubljana (SLO) | 56° Alpe Adria Tournament

17.09.2022 | Ljubljana (SLO) | Ljubljana Open Tournament



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56° Alpe Adria Tournament


17.09.2022 | Ljubljana (SLO) | 56° Alpe Adria Tournament

17.09.2022 | Ljubljana (SLO) | 56° Alpe Adria Tournament | Fvg

17.09.2022 | Ljubljana (SLO) | Ljubljana Open Tournament

17.09.2022 | Ljubljana (SLO) | Ljubljana Open Tournament | Fvg

Deadline for subscriptions: Friday 26th of august, 2022

To be send to:

joze.zalubersek@siol.net | damjan.canzek@gmail.com | wlslovenia@gmail.com | ernozanetti@gmail.com

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Alpe Adria Congress | saturday 17th April 2021

Dear friends,

I am sending you a summary of the decisions to update the Alpe Adria competitions from 2021 to 2022, taken during the Alpe Adria Congress held via videoconference on Saturday 17/04/2021.

Unfortunately in 2020, due to the dramatic spread of the Corona Virus pandemic, in order to defend health we were forced to cancel the competitions, originally scheduled in Ljubljana (SLO) on Saturday 6th June 2020 (56th Alpe Adria) and in Zala (HUN) Saturday 17 October 2020 (20th Alpe Adria Master).

We had also been forced to postpone the Congress that had been scheduled in Ljubljana (SLO) for Saturday 18 April 2020, by one year.

The painful decision to postpone the competitions for another year was unanimously taken by the Congress held in Videoconference on April 17th 2021 with the aim of safeguarding the health of the athletes, technicians and organizers who would be involved in the competitions, since the situation is still far from clear.

We also had to consider the difficulties, reported by everyone, relating to the problems of crossing the border.

The considerable financial difficulties of the organizers who find themselves in serious economic difficulties deriving both from the “lock downs” imposed by all governments in the attempt to counter the spread of the virus, both for the fact that the authorities have hijacked the funds that previously allocated to sport, to fight the pandemic, was also considerate.

Even the availability of the hotels where to lodge the participants is still, at this moment, not sure.

Taking care of all these problems, moving the Alpe Adria competitions for another year (from 2021 to 2022) is certainly a very difficult decision, but also the most reasonable one.

Consequently, the seven-year cycle of Alpe Adria, which originally was scheduled from 2015 to 2021, will be longed until 2023.

In relation to this cycle, I send you, herewith, the full calendar of the competitions carried out (in green color) and of those still to be organized until 2023 (in blue color).

Sincerely yours


Liebe Freunde,

Ich sende Ihnen eine Zusammenfassung der Entscheidungen zur Aktualisierung der Alpe Adria-Rennen von 2021 bis 2022, die während der Alpe Adria-Versammlung am Samstag, den 17.04.2021 per Videokonferenz getroffen wurden.

Leider mussten wir aufgrund der dramatischen Ausbreitung der Corona-Virus-Pandemie im Jahr 2020 die Rennen absagen, die ursprünglich in Ljubljana (SLO) am Samstag, dem 6. Juni 2020 (56. Alpe Adria) und in Zala (HUN) geplant waren, um die Gesundheit zu verteidigen Samstag, 17. Oktober 2020 (20. Alpe Adria Master).

Wir waren auch gezwungen gewesen, den für Samstag, den 18. April 2020 in Ljubljana (SLO) geplanten Kongress um ein Jahr zu verschieben.

Die schmerzhafte Entscheidung, die Wettkämpfe um ein weiteres Jahr zu verschieben, wurde vom Kongress, der am 17. April in einer Videokonferenz stattfand, einstimmig getroffen, um die Gesundheit der Athleten, Techniker und Organisatoren zu schützen, die an den Wettkämpfen beteiligt sein würden immer noch alles andere als klar.

Wir mussten auch die von allen gemeldeten Schwierigkeiten im Zusammenhang mit den Problemen beim Grenzübertritt berücksichtigen, aber auch die erheblichen finanziellen Schwierigkeiten der Organisatoren, die sich in ernsthaften wirtschaftlichen Schwierigkeiten befinden, die sich sowohl aus den von allen Regierungen in verhängten “Sperren” ergeben der Versuch, der Ausbreitung des Virus entgegenzuwirken, sowohl wegen der Tatsache, dass die Behörden die zuvor für den Sport bereitgestellten Mittel entführt haben, um die Pandemie zu bekämpfen.

Auch die Verfügbarkeit der Hotels, in denen die Teilnehmer untergebracht werden können, ist derzeit noch fraglich.

Angesichts all dieser Probleme ist es sicherlich eine sehr schwierige, aber auch die vernünftigste Entscheidung, die Alpe Adria-Rennen um ein weiteres Jahr (von 2021 bis 2022) zu verschieben.

Folglich wird der siebenjährige Zyklus der Alpe Adria, der ursprünglich von 2015 bis 2021 dauern sollte, bis 2023 dauern. In Bezug auf diesen Zyklus füge ich unten das Schema der durchgeführten Rennen hinzu ( in grüner Farbe) und diejenigen, die bis 2023 organisiert werden sollen (in blauer Farbe).

Mit freundlichen Grüßen.


Cari amici,

vi trasmetto un riassunto delle decisioni di aggiornare le gare di Alpe Adria dal 2021 al 2022, prese durante il Congresso di Alpe Adria tenuto in Videoconferenza Sabato 17/04/2021.

Sfortunatamente nel 2020, a causa della drammatica diffusione della pandemia da Corona Virus, allo scopo di difendere la salute eravamo stati costretti a cancellare le gare, originariamente programmate a Lubiana (SLO) sabato 6 giugno 2020 (56° Alpe Adria) ed a Zala (HUN) sabato 17 Ottobre 2020 (20° Alpe Adria Master).

Eravamo anche stati costretti a posticipare di un anno il Congresso che era stato messo in calendario a Lubiana (SLO) per Sabato 18 Aprile 2020.

La dolorosa decisione di posticipare le gare di un altro anno è stata presa all’unanimità dal Congresso tenuto in Videoconferenza il 17 aprile u.s., con lo scopo principale di salvaguardare la salute degli atleti, dei tecnici e degli organizzatori che sarebbero stati coinvolti nelle gare, dal momento che la situazione è ancora ben lontana dall’essere chiara.

Abbiamo dovuto anche considerare le difficoltà, riportate un po da tutti, relative ai problemi dell’attraversamento dei confini, ma anche le notevoli difficoltà finanziarie degli organizzatori che si trovano in gravi difficoltà economiche derivanti sia ai “lock down” imposti da tutti i governi nel tentativo di contrastare la diffusione del virus, sia per il fatto che le autorità hanno dirottato I finanziamenti che prima destinavano allo sport, per combattere la pandemia.

Anche la disponibilità degli hotel dove alloggiare i partecipanti è ancora, in questo momento, in forse.

In considerazione di tutti questi problemi, spostare le gare di Alpe Adria di un altro anno (dal 2021 al 2022) è sicuramente una decisone molto difficile, ma anche la più ragionevole.

Di conseguenza, il ciclo settennale di Alpe Adria che originariamente doveva durare dal 2015 al 2021, si protrarrà fino al 2023. Relativamente a questo ciclo vi allego, in calce alla presente, lo schema delle gare effettuate (in colore verde) e di quelle ancora da organizzare fino al 2023 (in colore blù).

Cordiali saluti.


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Alpe Adria activity 2020 cancelled and moved to 2021

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Book Results 19° Alpe Adria Tournament

Book Results 19° Alpe Adria Weightlifting Tournament

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Programme 19° Alpe Adria Master International Weightlifting Tournament


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Results Book 55° Alpe Adria International Weightlifting Tournament

Results Book

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