56th Edition of Alpe Adria | Ljubljana open Tournament

The 56th Alpe Adria International Weightlifting Tournament, the oldest international event on the IWF and EWF calendar, was held in Ljunbljana (SLO) on 17th of September, 2022.

After the happy intuition of the President of the Slovenian Federation Damjan Ćanžek, the event was organized at the same time as the “Ljublana Open Tournament”, reserved for the youth athletes (Under 17 and Junior) of some European nations.

Athletes from Alpe Adria was entitled to compete with those from France, Malta and Belgium.

In total there were 48 athletes (30 males and 18 females).

“I am very happy to restart the activities in the presence after the forced and painful stop imposed for two years by the pandemic” – declared the President of Alpe Adria Ernesto Zanetti at the opening ceremony – “and I am also pleased to note that the Corona Virus did not damage any member of the large Alpe Adria family. I am also very much in favour of the idea that athletes from other European nations can also participate in the Adria competitions, which brings together regions and nations of three different cultures, Latin, Slavic and German, sharing similar traditions.”

The competition was masterfully organized into four groups, the Under 17, Under 20 and Senior Men’s classes, and the Women’s classes, also divided but which competed in a single group of 18 athletes.

The Alpe Adria competition was dominated by the Friuli Venezia Giulia representative, led by Mattia Longhin, winner of the Under 17 class, by Simone Val, winner in Junior and by Cristiano Ficco winner in Senior. The ranking sees Friuli Venezia Giulia in first place with 1,312 points, followed by Veneto with 1,140 and the Austrian region of Niederösterreich with 1,134, the latter set in the Women’s class with the strong Sara Fischer.

The overall ranking of the 7 years of the Alpe Adria Tournament (forced to be extended to 9 due to the stop fo the epidemic) sees Friuli Venezia Giulia at the top of the provisional ranking, after 6 editions, with 6,863 points, followed by Veneto with 6,464, at the third place was Niederösterreich with 6,230, followed by Slovenia with 6,037, Croatia with 5,552, Bosnia Hercegovina with 5,409 and the Hungarian region of Zala with 5,409.

The final of the multi-year cycle that will definitively award the Super-trophy will take place in Zala (HUN) on 3 June 2023.

The contemporary Ljubljana Open Tournament was leaded by the large French representative with 1,071 points, followed by Belgium with 680 and by the Italian representative who, surprisingly, managed to get on the podium despite participating with only 2 athletes.


17.09.2022 | Ljubljana (SLO) | 56° Alpe Adria Tournament

17.09.2022 | Ljubljana (SLO) | Ljubljana Open Tournament



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